Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation!
I'm so happy to graduate from HS soon, and it's almost summer vacation! Yay!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The past week + weekend

The past week has been pretty bad for me. Two of my friends, Emiko and Kyo (names changed for privacy) started going out on Thursday (I believe... my memory is pretty bad at times. "OTL ). Problem with this is, that they're both intertwined between two of the groups that I hang out with at my school. My "circle", if you would like to call it that. The boy, Kyo, is pretty stupid. How do I know this? I know the boy too well. Like, seriously, we had two classes together last year, and we've hung out together outside of school (and I think of him to be more or less disgusting to be in a relationship D: not just me, anyone. Henceforth, I know him tooo well), but I know their relationship isn't going to last. Why? I've seen Kyo say some pretty stupid things in front of me; so I know Emiko would get offended or upset if she heard some things like that (Emiko is a pretty sensitive person emotionally. I can relate, though, to her). But what worries me the most is that when they break up (not "if", "when", I know better.), my circle is going to break apart because of it. I'm pretty good friends with both Emiko and Kyo, so i'm not going to take a side for either of them. Especially when my friend, Sakura (name changed), told me that Emiko liked Kyo. I thought, "Eww, gross," then I thought, "That's a relationship that's not going to end very well."
Kyo had told me a very long time ago (second semester last year) that he had liked Emiko. At the time, Emiko had a boyfriend, so I told him that. Of course, he got depressed about it for awhile, and I thought that he had moved on. Thought.  Obviously he didn't.
There have been quite a few incidences where I could tell that he liked another girl, too.
--One incident...--
My friend/ neighbor that lives down the road; Asagiri's (name change) family; adopted a foreign exchange student for a year, Kaguya. I was there they day that Kyo and Kaguya met. Kyo was following Kaguya around like a poor little puppy dog! (he probably didn't realize that he was doing it. >.>; ) (Also, later I found out; she didn't even like him.)
Pretty much, Kyo annoyed the hell out of poor Kaguya. (Poor, poor girl. :c )

Kyo and Emiko are in a relationship.
I don't think that the relationship is going to last very long.
Kyo has tendencies to like lots of girls without realizing it. YUCK! --

Other than that, I guess my week was okay.

-The weekend:
I went to the library on saturday and hung out there one of my friends, Shurei (name change again). That was fun. Lol.
Sunday: tried to sleep in, didn't work at all. I've gotten a cold plus allergies (my mom's christmas cactus's are in bloom (Zygo cactus's)) Really regretting being sick with allergies. Ugh... /is going to start taking allergy meds soon.... again. "OTL /

This school week is only 2 1/2 days for thanksgiving break. If you're reading this, please comment on what you're doing. c: My family has never left for thanksgiving, or had family over, so i'm very curious what it's like.

Thank you lots for reading my blog. 


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